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General Information

Dear Israeli Student,

Thank you for your interest in Florida and our scholarship program for Israeli students, the only program of its kind in the United States. 25 full-time scholarships are allocated each semester. After the add-drop period of your school, we will verify the number of credits actually used.

Unused credits will be awarded to the runner-ups. Students who receive the scholarship in the middle of the semester will be notified and should expect a refund check.

The deadline for submitting applications is as follows:

Term of Scholarship          Application Deadline Dates         Award Notification Dates

       Fall                                      June 15                                           July 15 
       Spring                                October 15                                      November 15 
       Summer                             March 15                                         April 15

Please see the Definition, Rules and Guidelines regarding selection criteria for the scholarships awarded by the Florida-Israel Institute (FII). The rules became effective on March 31, 2006. 

Application Deadlines

Deadline for scholarship applications:

  • Fall Semester Deadline:
    April 15th - June 15th
  • Winter Semester Deadline:
    August 15th - October 15th 
  • Summer semester Deadline:
    January 15th - March 15th

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