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What is the Florida-Israel Institute?
Check out our Mission.

How can I contact the Florida-Israel Institute?
check out Contact Us.

Who is eligible to receive the out-of-state tuition waiver Scholarship?
The Florida-Israel Institute scholarship is primarily an academic scholarship. You do not have to be Jewish. But you DO have to be an Israeli citizen to qualify. Scholarship awards are determined by the Institute on a competitive basis. You must have an F-1 (student) or prospective student visa or, in some cases, a J-1 or H-1 may be considered. It will be your responsibility to obtain your visa and to follow the rules of the U.S. immigration and naturalization service.
You can study any subject so long as you are working toward a degree or certificate. The maximum number of credits that any student may receive is 120 for undergraduate study, 30 for graduate study and 18 for post-graduate study.

What is exactly the Florida-Israel Scholarship?
Our scholarship is an out of state tuition exemption scholarship, not cash money. It allows you to pay for at least part of your credits as if you are a resident of Florida. It can SAVE you a lot of money because in-state tuition is much less expensive than out-of-state tuition. The scholarship is only for public colleges and universities. It is sponsored by the State of Florida to promote Florida-Israel friendship, business, education, and culture. In addition to earning good grades, we want you to become involved in school and community life. That way, you help us achieve the goal of developing Florida-Israel relations and we think that it will enhance your experience, as well.
This is a scholarship, not a loan. We will not ask for payment back. However, according to the law that created the scholarship, students must return to Israel within three years of completing their studies for at least as long as they held the scholarship.

When should I apply for the out-of-state tuition waiver Scholarship?
Please check out Scholarship > General Information for scholarship application deadlines.

How can I learn more about colleges and universities in Florida?
The Hillel Jewish Center of FAU can provide you with the information you need.

Can I join other Israeli organizations?
Of course! Joining the Florida-Israel Institute does not restrict you from joining other organizations.

Is there any organization in Israel that can help me plan my studies in Florida?
In Israel, help with your plans to study in the USA is available at the US-Israel Education Foundation.
Contact adviser@fulbright.org.il or their website here.

Can I get academic credits for Hebrew as a Foreign Language?
Some Florida Universities and Colleges will give credits for Hebrew as a Foreign Language.

Am I allowed to work as an Israeli Student?
International students, generally speaking, have limited possibilities to work in the US. They are usually allowed to work on-campus up to 20 hrs a week through the employment office of their college/university. Permissions to work more or outside the academic institution can be issued by the Immigration services in specific occasions.

Are there work positions available at the Florida-Israel Institute?
In order to find out, you will need to contact us and ask. Our organization employs a few students for administrative positions. The work is semester-based.
Students usually work part-time (up to 20 hrs a week).


The Florida-Israel Institute is located at Broward College, Willis Holcombe Cetner, Building 31-Room 302G, 225 East Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL. 33301. Tel. (954) 201-7707 (David Moore). Fax 954-201-7708. E-mail: dmoore@broward.edu.

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